LEATHIM is a unique brand that celebrates heritage. Made by Africa, crafted by us.


To be the first commercially viable manufacturer of smartphone, tablet and computer accessories using mainly South African designers and manufacturers.

Company Overview

Premium handmade leather and wood goods for your smart device. Proudly grown, manufactured and designed in South Africa.


Conceived In Kwazulu-Natal's Pristine Valleys. LEATHIM Embodies The Spirit Of Ubuntu That Every African Holds Dear. To Some, The Bull Is A Symbol Of the Great Trek. To Others, It Is The Dollar Sign Of Africa, Which Is Not Only Used For Lobola But That Sustains Our Daily Lives.

General Information

Leathim derives its name from the word Leather.



Our online store offer two payment methods:

Credit Card

EFT (we send you an invoice)



Transactions are safeguarded by the world's best tech done via PayFast



According to the latest CPA all products must have a Money Back Guarantee against defects. We will have a 12 month returns policy in place.