So you want to advertise on Hello Pretty?

You're viewing our public advertising guide. Mail & we'll send you the version with the rates.

We're busy making some changes (crazy cool, exciting changes!) so for now the only advertising options that we're offering are social media posts. If you have any queries, we're here for you - just pop us a mail at to chat.

We're tickled pink that you like us! We're looking forward to working with you. There's a great selection of areas across Hello Pretty's offerings, so hopefully something in there will suit you. Remember that we can also bundle these for you at a discounted rate if you'd like to buy two or more spaces simultaneously. Get in touch and we'll talk.

If you're desperately keen for a particular option and are only just starting your business out, drop us a line to see whether there's any way we can help you.

Please don't feel offended if we don't think your promotion is right for us. We work hard to maintain Hello Pretty's brand, and this in no way reflects badly on you or your brand, it just means that we don't feel we can align ourselves with your brand in terms of promoting it at this time.

…what's that? You didn't find anything that suits you?! Shut. Up.

OK, we didn't mean that. But if you had something particular in mind, we'll probably be able to work with you on that. Pop us an email.

Now please go visit the bathroom and then get yourself a cup of tea or coffee (or wine?). This is a LONG page with many words.


Homepage banner

Home Page Banner

Have your banner in the header of the Hello Pretty homepage.

This is the Rolls Royce of all our advertising options. This prime location gets more eyes on it than anywhere else on Hello Pretty.

Contact us and we'll give you all the numbers and statistics that you're likely to want.

Cost   1 week: R****
2 weeks: R****
Duration   Max 2 weeks.
Begin on a Monday morning, end the following Monday morning.
Dimensions   930px wide x 80px high

Events banners

Events Banners

Our events page features markets, pop-ups, talks, and other design-related events.

You can choose to either have a banner at the top in the header of the events homepage, or one of five spots in the sidebar. (Note that the sidebar spots are allocated on a first come first served basis.)

You could also consider having us write a blog post about your event to compliment this.

Cost Top   1 week: R****
2 weeks+: R****
Cost Sidebar   1 week: R****
2 weeks+: R**** per week
1 month: R****
Duration   Top: Max 4 weeks. Begin & end on your choice of dates.
Sidebar: Unlimited. Begin & end on your choice of dates.
Dimension   Top: 680px wide x 80px high
Sidebar: 180px wide x 130px high

Pretty Cool newsletter banners

Newsletter Banners

Pretty Cool is Hello Pretty's weekly newsletter, showcasing items from the site, usually around a theme or colourway.

The newsletter is sent out every Tuesday morning, and currently has over **** subscribers and growing weekly.

We share each week's newsletter across our Facebook and Twitter accounts too.

There are two advertising banners available in Pretty Cool: a top and a bottom banner.

Cost Top   R****
Cost Bottom   R****
Duration   Max 1 week
Every Tuesday
Dimension   Top: 600px wide x 100px high
Bottom: 600px wide x 80px high

Blog banners

Blog Banners

There are two spots available on the Hello Pretty blog: A banner in the sidebar of the blog homepage, or a banner in the footer of the blog posts, before the comments section.

We allow up to ten ads in the sidebar, and four inline advertisements in the footer. (Note that all of these spots are allocated on a first come first served basis.)

We can schedule you in to be the sole advertiser for either option if you like - for that we'll need 1 month of warning and full payment upfront. If you are the sole advertiser, you will have the option to have either a solid banner or the original segments.

Our blog features local and international design-related things, competitions, interviews with South African designers, and a few other bits and pieces about what we've been up to.

Cost Sidebar   R**** per month, or R**** to be the sole advertiser
Cost Footer   R**** per month, or R**** to be the sole advertiser
Duration   Unlimited.
Min 1 month.
From the 1st until the end of a month.
Dimension   Sidebar: 180px wide x 80px high
Footer: 150px wide x 100px high

Advertorial content

We're open to partnerships or advertorials on a limited basis. Options are blog and Facebook posts, and curated newsletter collections.

In the event of us reviewing a product, we will obviously be sensitive to the fact that you are advertising with us but we must protect the integrity of our content and we will over and above be honest.

All of the options listed below also include a mention on our Twitter account, and the following terms apply:

  • We'll work with you to craft the post, but we don't post press releases or straight-up advertising. The post will need to suit Hello Pretty's tone and style to retain the integrity of our content.
  • We'll only begin working on your post once it has been booked and paid for in full. This means that an extra week over and above the standard two week cushion will be required, so remember to take that into account when you're planning.
  • Our posts are focused on quality over quantity. Sometimes this means that a post will be light on text and heavy on images, and other times vice-versa. We'll consult with you carefully about your post, but we retain the right to have the final say over this.
  • We reserve the right to add a disclaimer to any advertorial posts to the effect that you are an advertising partner.

Blog Posts

Blog posts all about you

These can be a review of your product, a post featuring Hello Pretty products related to your brand (with links back to you), a post about an award or event relevant to you… just about anything, really! In all cases we'll be sure to clearly include your branding (except where you want to focus more on a product than the brand).

Have a look at our blog to see the sort of posts that we typically write. Where it makes sense though, we're always willing to try something new.

All blog posts allow Facebook comments, and are also tagged in order to maximise search engine exposure.

Cost   R****
Publish Date   Usually Monday, Wednesday or Friday, but we can work to your schedule.
Publish Time   Up to you!

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Posts

We can tweet, Instagram and Facebook about you

This is a package option and will be posted across all three platforms at staggered times on the same day.

These can be a brief one-line review of a product, or just a post mentioning it/your brand, tailored to suit each platform.

Your posts will come with images (including your logo where required), and we'll tag you, link to your website and/or your Hello Pretty store - whatever you'd like!

We have a healthy and active social media following, consistently growing weekly. We currently have over 39 000 fans on our Facebook page, over 6 000 Twitter followers, and over 4 000 Instagram followers.

Cost   R**** to link to your Hello Pretty store
Publish Date   Up to you!
Publish Time   Let us know what you'd like

Curated Newsletters

A curated newsletter and interview

Let us curate a collection of ten products that relate to your brand for our weekly newsletter, Pretty Cool. For example: perhaps your branding is red, and we curate a collection of red products; or perhaps you're a sunscreen brand, and we curate beach-related products. Let's discuss it! Also included is a banner space at the bottom of the newsletter, linking out to your site, Hello Pretty store, or social media page.

All newsletters and interview posts are shared across our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

These are a fun and more subtle option to promote your brand.

Cost   R****
Publish Date   Newsletters are sent out on Tuesday mornings.

Competitions & Giveaways

A curated newsletter and interview

So you want to give some cool stuff away? Awesome!

We usually only run competitions in partnership with Hello Pretty designers, but we are always willing to consider third parties if the prize and brand are appropriate (for example, we might run a giveaway in partnership with a local design store, but we wouldn't be comfortable with a promotion with an international denim brand). Get in touch with us and we'll see what we can cook up.

We'll need you to provide the prize images for the competition, but we retain full right to make changes and edit these images.

A competition includes a post on our blog, a banner on our Facebook page, and a couple of mentions through the week on our social media accounts. We will decide on the mechanic for the competition together, but reserve the right to veto a mechanic we feel would negatively impact on Hello Pretty.

Cost   R**** for Hello Pretty designers
R**** for non-Hello Pretty designers
Publish Date   Announced on the Monday
Winner announced on the Friday
Publish Time   Announced 9am on Monday Winner announced 3pm on Friday


Hello Pretty retains full control and final say over all promotional and advertising artwork.

You're required to provide artwork for your advertisement (unless otherwise agreed upfront), and we reserve the right to modify or completely change this artwork. The reason for this is that we're very particular about keeping the look and feel of all our content in a similar style. But moenie worry nie: we'll always be sure to chat to you before changing your artwork.

Depending on the circumstances and if you'd like us to design your artwork completely, we're happy to do this. This costs between R**** and R****, and in this case we'll need about a week more lead time. This doesn't apply to competitions - we'll handle the artwork for those.

Now for the boring bits and pieces

  1. All ad space must be booked, confirmed, and paid for in full a minimum of two weeks before the ad is due to run. Failure on this point means that we'll have to reschedule your promotion.
  2. While we are open to advertising from a number of different avenues, it's important to us that Hello Pretty maintain its image and aesthetic. To that end, we require final say over any advertising.
  3. Unless we are designing it for you, the artwork is your responsibility. Hello Pretty cannot be held responsible for any errors in artwork, or unsatisfactory artwork, either from their side or yours, once it has been signed off. If you need the artwork replaced or changed at any stage during your campaign, it will be at a cost of R****.
  4. Hello Pretty reserves the right to run advertising from more than one supplier across different platforms simultaneously.
  5. Once confirmed, ad space cannot be changed, or postponed in any way. We will make every effort to accommodate you if possible, but as a ground rule we cannot allow changes due to our scheduling.
  6. Hello Pretty reserves the right to cancel any advert, across any space, at any time, if we feel we are being negatively impacted. Should this happen, you'll be notified as soon as possible. Refunds for your campaign in this instance will be handled on a case-by-case basis and depend on the circumstances. We always try to keep it fair.
  7. We don't run any form of promotion for tobacco or tobacco-related products. Alcohol-related promotion is subject to review.
  8. In the event of promotional advertorial content (blog posts / Facebook posts / curated newsletters etc.), we reserve the right to add a disclaimer to the effect that you are an advertising partner, where it makes sense to.
  9. Our posts are focused on quality over quantity. Sometimes this means that a post will be light on text and heavy on images, or vice-versa. We'll consult with you carefully about your promotion, but we retain the right to have final say over this.