Trucker Denim Co

We love Denim and Tees. We love everything about a great fitting pair of jeans and a cool tee with a great graphic. We love anything (and anyone) in Denim. Denim Jeans, Denim Dresses, Denim Coats, Dungarees, as long as it is Denim, or Indigo, or goes with a pair of jeans.

After many years of designing and producing denim for many of our local/international denim brands, we decided it was time to leave the nest and explore what the world of denim out there could hold for us. Free from the corporate restraints and free from the branding identities of others.

Trucker Denim Co was born... 

Trucker Denim is tough, it's adventurous, it's free from commercial confines, but it always stays true to itself.


The Trucker Team

At Trucker Denim Co we want to hear all about your likes and dislikes about our product.

If you are not a 100% satisfied with your product, you are welcome to return it for a full refund, as long as it is within a 30 day period of the receipt of your item.

Your order will leave our factory within 2-3 days from date of order, unless it is a custom made item wich we will specify on the website.

Shipping time within SA is 3-5 days.