What payment options are there?

Hello Pretty currently supports payment by Visa, Mastercard, most South African debit cards, and EFT; as well as PayPal for international buyers.

In more detail...

For payment processing of credit card and debit card processing we use Peach Payments. Neither Hello Pretty nor Peach Payments has access full card or bank details and all card transactions are initially processed via 3DSecure. 3DSecure requires you (the customer) to authenticate these transactions, by entering a one time pin (OTP). This OTP is triggered directly to the you via SMS, USSD, or email depending on the your arrangement with your bank. Neither a Hello Pretty nor Peach Payments operations staff have access to this OTP; therefore neither Hello Pretty nor Peach Payments can abuse the your card.

For EFT payments you will authorise payments by entering your internet banking username and password as well as a OTP sent to you by your bank or banking app. Again, neither Hello Pretty nor Peach Payments operations staff have access to the your username, password, or OTP; therefore neither of us can abuse your card.

Both Hello Pretty and any third party payment system we work with use SSL and secure servers for processing payments. Hello Pretty uses 256-bit encryption over TLS to ensure that your credit card, banking, and all personal information is safe.

Check out our PayPal article for more information on how PayPal works.