I'm a young-at-heart-in-my-thirties Swiss family man, full of life, living in Pretoria. I love to experiment, learn and discover new things. I come to life in my workshop and love to try out new Ideas, techniques and ways of doing things. And I love working with my hands. Creating something that other people can also love and appreciate is amazing.

Besides the workshop, the kitchen is my other favoured place. Cooking, Preserving, candy making ... it's all so interesting and discovering never ends.

I love wood and its colours, patterns and properties. Have you ever seen Purple wood? I mean not just a hue or a hint, but bright purple? Brown, red, yellow, whitish… all colours available. Straight grained, curly figure, inclusions, and so many more things make it my favourite material to work with. But I also like steel, iron, Stained glass, clay, leather, stone and anything that I can get my hands on.

But because I’m Swiss, I have very high standards. It needs to be perfect otherwise it is not satisfactory. And, because of that, it might take a bit longer to make. And sometimes raw materials are not as readily available as I would like to have it…

Have a look around in my store, see what I’m up to. Come back next time and you might discover completely different things.
Every man dies, but only few ever lived!


You should be completely satisfied with your purchase. That is why I work to the highest standards. If you have any questions, comments, complaints or anything to say, please send me a message.

I try to ship ordered items within two days of payment. Custom made items as soon as they are finished.

Most of my products are made of natural materials like wood or leather. Wood is always working, moving, shrinking and stretching. And therefore it might crack, warp, bend, change colour among many other things. This is normal and is not covered by any warranty. Leather will have various Grain patterns, colours, blemishes and so on. That too is not covered by warranties.

Items can be returned if it is clearly a production fault or has been damaged while shipping. Please, before you send it back, take some pictures, send me a mail and let’s sort this out together. Return shipping cost will always be at your expense. But if the damage is my fault, I will send you a replacement item or refund you the items price after receiving the faulty item back.